Video & Content Marketing

In a sea of constant noise, good marketing efforts manage to capture attention, educate and inform the intended recipient of the message you seek to deliver.

At D1Zi Digital, we craft efficient marketing messages, create informative videos and
direct informational campaigns to position your business ahead of all others.

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From giants such as Twitter and Facebook to Instagram, Snapchat & TikTok, social media is one of the biggest growth areas of digital engagement. Today,  it is not difficult to create accounts on social networks. However, getting it right by executing a strong social media marketing strategy and keeping up with the regular changes in technology  is a constant challenge for businesses. This is exactly where we can add the most value! 

Social media marketing  requires a fresh, innovative approach as compared to other traditional marketing techniques. At D1ZI Digital, we offer a wealth of Social Media Marketing experience, which enables us to create original and engaging social media campaigns for your business or brand. We understand how each social media platform can benefit your business and we specialize in making them all work together under one integrated social media strategy.


We execute market research to analyse the competitive landscape; reviewing what messages are out there and how to positively differentiate your business from the rest!

We use market insights and customer consumption patterns to create content and videos to properly market your business.

We offer social media strategy creation and implementation to create a steady stream of relevant information for your target audience.

We use effective metrics gained from an analytical view of your digital footprint to craft demographic specific content, placing your business in front of those who need it the most.

Choosing the Right Social network for
Your Business


The king of social media! Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform out there, with over one billion members, it’s hard to justify why your business isn’t one of them. With their strategic advertising and community building tools, it’s essential your business uses this platform.


Believe it or not, you can say a lot in just 140 characters tweet. Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. This micro blogging tool is essential for customer service and sharing updates on your business in real time.


A picture is worth a thousand likes! In this crazy, fast paced world people want to see, not imagine. Instagram is booming and your network wants to SEE what you’re up to!

Our Process

I. Digital Audit

This provides a foundation for the creation of a well calculated marketing strategy to be developed through active implementation of the relevant insights gained from the research gathered.

To commence any marketing strategy we implement, we at D1Zi Digital Agency begin with an exhaustive examination of your digital assets and social media profiles to produce insights into your overall performance relative to your industry benchmark – an amalgamation of industry and expected performance opportunity areas.


The content your brand puts out is a key determinant of your social media campaign’s efficacy.
At D1Zi Digital Agency, our creative team in Kitchener-Waterloo brings a wealth of experience in creative asset development for your marketing campaign strategy.

Audience engagement is peculiar to the particular media channel they are on, requiring specialised optimisation for content to guide your audience through their journey of brand discovery with your company.


At the heart of an effective social media marketing process is the monitoring of progress and reiteration of strategy based on insights gained from prior activities.
In light of this, our social media analysts in Kitchener-Waterloo work in sync with you to develop your marketing goals and provide curated reports highlighting what you need to reach your goals.

The reports we provide ensure that your social media marketing objectives are well aligned to your social media progress; creating an insightful context on what to do next to guide your business promotion efforts.

Digital Marketing Agency Kitchener - D1ZI

Every day, the average person comes into contact with over 5000 advertisements. This constant stream of logos, insignia, messages and images fill up our human subconscious. Key messages that trigger our interests filter through the mass of information and are processed by our conscious brains.

At D1Zi Digital, we create effective video and content marketing campaigns that educate, entertain, inform and engage!

Digital Marketing Agency Kitchener - D1ZI

Got a challenge for us?

We are ready to take it on! Whether you have a brand new concept that you want to bring to life, or you would like some help injecting a new lease of life into something already in existence, we would love to to hear from you.