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At D1ZI we do more than just simply set up a Twitter or an Instagram account, we develop social identities and build communities around your brand to raise you above your competitors. We partner with each client to build and grow their company’s online presence with winning social strategies and engaging content development.

As a full Kitchener digital marketing services, we bring a strong competitive advantage to your Kitchener social media marketing strategy. Stop wasting time on ineffective social media campaigns. Leave it with us. We curate, create, and connect social content that gets you results.

Here in Kitchener at D1Zi Digital Agency, we steer your digital presence with strategic Web design, social media marketing and strategy efforts. We structure effective B2B and B2C campaigns, ensuring full optimisation of your content for your web presence.

Effective social media marketing involves the creation of effective communities around your content and growing affinity of your target audience to your various value offerings.

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Why Social Media Marketing?

From giants such as Twitter and Facebook to Instagram and Google Plus, social media is one of the biggest growth areas of digital marketing experts kitchener. And whilst it is not difficult to establish on social networks, getting it right, and getting into place a strong social media marketing strategy and keeping up with the regular changes and new technologies emerging in social media is a constant challenge which is exactly where we can add the most value.

Social Media Marketing kitchener requires a fresh, innovative approach compared to other traditional marketing techniques. At D1ZI, we offer a wealth of Social Media Marketing experience, which enables us to create original and engaging social media campaigns for your business or brand. We understand how each social media platform can benefit your business and we specialize in making them all work together under one integrated social media strategy.

Choosing the Right Social network for Your Business


The king of social media! Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform out there, with over one billion members, it’s hard to justify why your business isn’t one of them. With their strategic advertising and community building tools, it’s essential your business uses this platform.


Believe it or not, you can say a lot in just 140 characters tweet. Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. This micro blogging tool is essential for customer service and sharing updates on your business in real time.


A picture is worth a thousand likes! In this crazy, fast paced world people want to see, not imagine. Instagram is booming and your network wants to SEE what you’re up to!


Google+ is ideal for content sharing. Its compatibility with YouTube, the Google Hangouts function (which makes video conferencing a cinch) and Circles and Communities (which make segmented sharing easy) all function to make brand awareness and content marketing simple.

Full Service Digital Agency with Social Media Management & Brand Marketing Experts


In light of the rapidly evolving digital business scape, it is imperative that growing businesses devote a significant portion of their marketing efforts towards the maintenance of a well optimised social media sphere. From Kitchener, our Search Engine Optimization and social media marketing experts create a brand focus for your business that extends beyond your geography to create maximum brand influence and reach.

From the process of customer discovery with our clients to identify the best channels suited to their content, to the stage of identifying how engagement patterns can determine the best times to post content, we employ the best practices to achieve maximum impact from our social media management efforts.


Community Building


The crux of a social media marketing campaign is the creation, promotion and engagement of an online community. This community rallies around a common interest. As a business unit, this interest is your prime business objective.

For existing customers, your social media channels create a continuous stream of information, maintaining the relationship existing between you and those customers.


Information Dissemination


Think of your business’ social media platforms as your personal tv and radio channels. Social Media Marketing empowers you to propagate all the information you require to a dedicated audience.

Because of the power of social sharing, your business’ social media marketing strategy receives a boost from your audience’s referral marketing (via shares and reposts). Your audience can be relayed as important marketing agents for your business.

Social Media Marketing kitchener directly from the heart of Kitchener is facilitated by D1Zi Digital Agency.


Thought Leader Status Creation


Providing quality content through your social media strategy gives your business an opportunity to carve out a reputation as a thought leader in your industry and region. Content attracts an audience; giving your audience what they need in a continuous loop establishes your position as an authority over specific case areas and this constitutes thought leader status creation.

Steps in Our Process:

I. Digital Audit

To commence any Social Media Marketing strategy we implement, we at D1Zi Digital Agency in Kitchener begin with an exhaustive examination of your digital assets and social media profiles to produce insights into your overall performance relative to your industry benchmark – an amalgamation of industry and expected performance opportunity areas.

This provides a foundation for the creation of a well calculated marketing strategy to be developed through active implementation of the relevant insights gained from the research gathered.

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II. Development of Creative Content

The content your brand puts our is an effective part of your social media campaign’s efficacy.
At D1Zi Digital Agency, our creative team in Kitchener bring a wealth of experience in creative asset development to your social media marketing campaign strategy.

Audience engagement is peculiar to the particular media channel they are on, requiring specialised optimisation for content to guide your audience through their journey of brand discovery with your company.

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III. Analytics Tracking

At the heart of an effective social media marketing process is the monitoring of progress and reiteration of strategy based on insights gained from prior activities.
In light of this, our social media analysts in our Kitchener office work in sync with you to develop your marketing goals and provide curated reports highlighting what you need to reach your goals.

The reports we provide ensure that your social media marketing objectives are well aligned to your social media progress; creating an insights and context on what to do next; determining your next steps.

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