Thinking Forward

If you’re not very familiar with Instagram, you’re probably asking yourself what an Instagram business account is and why you need one. 

So before we get started on how to get a business account, let’s talk about the benefits. 

  • Ads, of course. Just like Facebook (who owns Instagram), you can only promote posts if you have an Instagram business account. Promoting on Instagram is essential, especially ever since they introduced the algorithm timeline (instead of chronological). Your posts can get lost or not even seen by your fans if they don’t interact with them. When you promote them, they have no choice. 
  • Insights. Having insights is crucial and can be very time efficient for you when creating your content calendar. You can see who/where your fans are and when they’re interacting with your Instagram posts.
  • Contact Info. Instead of listing all your contact info in your bio, you get an actual contact button on your Instagram profile, making it easier for your fans to get in touch.
  • Legit. These days, social media verification is determines if your business is real or not. An Instagram business account confirms that your brand is legit.


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Okay, now that it’s obvious you need a business account, let’s discuss how we do this. 

Firstly, you have to have a Facebook business page in order to have an Instagram business account. 

  1. Open your Instagram app and click on the gear icon in the top right hand corner to access your Settings.
  2. Under the Account subheading, you’ll see ‘Switch to Business Profile’, click on that.
  3. Instagram will prompt you to connect your Facebook page.
  4. From there, you’re prompted to set up your business profile. This is where you enter your contact information and location for fans.
  5. You’re done!

It’s very simple to create an Instagram business account, just as long as you have a Facebook page. It will take a couple of days but soon you will start to see insights on your Instagram activity and you have start promoting posts. 

Marketing tip: now that you’ve connected your Facebook page, you can use Facebook Ads on both Instagram and Facebook. You’ll see your Instagram profile as an option for ad location now when you’re creating a campaign on Facebook.