Branding & Strategy

A Good Brand Makes a Good Business.

Regardless of what you are selling – a product, an experience, a service, a cause – there is a need for something that captures and marks everything you do. The goal is to make people talk about ‘it’, recognize ‘it’ and buy ‘it’.
That ‘it’ is your brand. You cannot sell or promote without a brand. ‘It’ is that important.
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“A brand is a name that, in the mind of a consumer, is attached to a product category.”


Our Brand Building Process:

  • We do research on your target customers to find out what touchpoints matter to them the most.
  • We develop a Hero’s Journey framework where we map out the path from your target market’s realisation of their need to their adoption of your product/service/experience as the solution to their need.
  • We employ expert design and copywriting techniques to define your brand.
  • We work to build a strategy for positioning your brand as a unique entity on the market.

Creative Graphic Design solutions for your business brand

From the fonts we select to the colors we choose, our approach to graphic design is always based around achieving an objective. Our experienced graphic design team can work with a wide range of design styles, ensuring the final result is always on brief. Bridging digital and print media, our creative design solutions are not bound by platform or medium.

Strong attention to detail, good knowledge of new and emerging web and graphic design trends and a solid understanding of the purpose of the design piece, the target market and the intended response, are all hallmarks of D1ZI design work.

design services


Your logo is a key to establishing the heart and soul of your brand identity. Whether you are in need of a new brand design or you want to refresh an existing one; we research, plan, strategize and conceptualize our ideas to present you with logo and brand identity materials that tell your story. We create visually appealing logos that are unique, memorable and that will set your business apart from its competitors.


Whether you require business cards, brochures, flyers, signage, posters, stationery or anything in between, we provide creative solutions to communicate your message clearly, in line with your brand identity, timeframe and budget. It is our aim to provide you with on-brand creative solutions to produce visually appealing collateral and marketing materials.


From websites to social media platforms, trust our design experts to create graphics that are unique, engaging, on-brand and that will deliver your message with impact. Maybe you’ve outgrown your current website, or you might need some online promotional material to knock the socks off your potential clients? Whatever your digital design or web needs are, we’ve got you covered.

Digital Marketing Agency Kitchener - D1ZI

Got a challenge for us?

D1ZI Experts are ready to take it on! Whether you have a brand new concept that you want to bring to life, or you would like some help injecting a new lease of life into something already in existence, we would love to to hear from you.